22nd December 2021

Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a time to ditch driving duties and hunker down with family, food and fun. So here’s two recipes to raise a glass to: a cocktail and a mocktail.


The best ‘Old Fashioned’ – the perfect winter warmer

This tried and tested recipe comes from a lovely customer, Daniel Scrivener, from Brighton who refers to me as ‘his marmalade dealer’!

‘Preferably use a whisky tumbler / rock glass (also known as an old-fashioned glass, apparently). Pour a generous double (to triple) measure of bourbon (Maker’s Mark seems to work well). Add 2 -3 dashes of Angostura bitters (depending how much you like bitters), then 2 to 3 teaspoons of Linnels Farm Frisky Whisky Marmalade (depending how sweet you like it). Add one decent-sized ice cube. Stir vigorously until the ice has fully melted and the marmalade has mixed in. Add a strip of orange rind (or multiple) – I sometimes miss this out because, we have marmalade! But I think it does still add something. Add 2-3 more ice-cubes; stir gently, let it chill for a minute, then serve’.  Cheers Daniel!


Citrus Booster

Hoards of people stuck indoors, central heating on overdrive and copious amounts of alcohol are a shortcut to Christmas colds. This drink, which undiluted can sit quite happily in the fridge for several days, is the perfect way to boost your Vitamin C levels and hopefully ward off those winter lurgies. (NB. before we get sued we are not making any such claims versus Covid-19)

8 lemons

4 limes

1.5 litres / 2½ pints boiling water

4 tbsp root ginger, peeled and finely grated

100g/ 4oz caster sugar

Pare the zest off one lemon and cover with boiling water. Add the ginger and sugar stir well. Cover and leave to stand for 1hr or longer. Strain the liquid.

Add the juice of the limes and remaining lemons and stir. Poor into a sterilised bottle or covered jug and refrigerate. When required dilute with chilled sparkling water.