18th January 2023

Citrus Booster

A sledgehammer hit of Vitamin C when we need it most

We're all in need of a little tonic at this time of year - and for once without the with gin added. Make the most of the citrus season from blood oranges, to lemon and limes, or even experiment with some newcomers such the Pomelo spotted by Lauren in Lidl.

This makes ~2 litres of drink, which can sit quite happily in the fridge for several days ready to dilute as required.

4 blood/blush oranges
6 lemons
4 limes
1.5 litres / 2½ pints boiling water
4 tbsp root ginger, peeled and finely grated
100g/ 4oz caster sugar

Pare the zest off one lemon and cover with boiling water. Add the ginger and sugar stir well. Cover and leave to stand for 1hr or longer. Strain the liquid.
Add the juice of the blood oranges, limes and remaining lemons and stir. Poor into a sterilised bottle or covered jug and refrigerate. When required dilute with chilled sparkling water, or fill a fancy glass with ice, tonic and a generous slug for a heavenly citrus mocktail.