5th April 2023

In conversation with Sabina Ruber

How did you and Karen meet?

We met through a mutual friend, writer and gardener Caroline Beck, who suggested for me to order my bulbs through Karen.

How did you get int photography and more particularly photographing plants?

I worked as a documentary photographer and when we had our son and travelling was no longer possible I decided to turn my love of flowers and gardening into a new career.

What do you love most about your job? We imagine it as being very romantic and not muddy knees and cold!

ha ha ha – photographing ‘Winter’ gardens can be extremely cold & muddy knees and dusty bottoms are all part of it. The thing I enjoy most is having a beautiful garden all to myself in the early morning or late evening.

How do you put together the collections for FLARE & flame?

Each year I grow thousands of tulips to trial and photograph (I am compulsive when it coms to flowers, one variety is NEVER enough!!) It is one of the joys to pick them, put new colours together and arrange a striking combination.

What is you favourite garden to visit?

Oooh, unfair question! I can’t say I have a one. I’ve been given privileged access to some stunning gardens. But, the next one?

What’s your favourite cake, or Karen says you prefer cheese, so type of cheese is fine too?

I have become rather partial to Applecake made with almond flour after a friend gifted me sacks of fruit last Autumn.  Not wanting to waste them, I carefully wrapped them all individually in newspaper and they lasted to the end of March!  I must have baked a cake every week using 4 apples …

Is there a better time of day for people to try and photograph their upcoming tulips?

I find evenings best, out of direct sunlight. The mornings are often still cold in Spring and the buds tightly closed. However, in the evening the flowers will no longer be fully open after the bright day light but starting to close up which I think is perfect for close-ups.