25th August 2021

Simple Raspberry Tart

Simple Raspberry Tart

Adapted from one of the first cookbooks I ever owned in 1990's and still referred back to today: Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells

I've always referred to it as Jura Tart (see book) and in my mind thought the connection was the Isle of Jura in Scotland since I always associate raspberries with Scotland, indeed their school summer holidays are still aligned to fit in with historic raspberry picking season. Definitely a case of Chinese whispers ...oh how wrong I was!

Pre-baked, 20cm Tart case

250g raspberries
3 egg yolks, large
185ml crème fraiche
3 tbsp. caster sugar
icing sugar to dust

Beat the eggs yolks with a fork in a bowl; add the crème fraiche and sugar and mix well. Pour into the pastry case and arrange the raspberries in a single layer on top. Bake for 15 minutes @190C until just set. Dust with icing sugar and serve cold. This can be made several hours in advance.

Photos Nicky Rogerson @KG Photography