sedum wreath

1/2 day floristry workshop: Succulent Wreath

WEDNESDAY, August 23, 2023

09:30 - 12:30pm

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All about succulents…

Learn how to make the cutest, long-lasting succulent wreath

Join us for a morning of floristry and gardening where we’ll discover the decorative delights of succulents. We’ll look at the basics:

  • What makes succulents so easy to look after and grow
  • Propagating your favourites – plants forever for free
  • Making a succulent wreath
  • Other ways to display succulents from table top art to designer borders

We’ll be fuelled by homemade cake and refreshments along the way and you will depart with your handmade succulent wreath ready for your door, along with loads of ideas for using them in any setting.