Focaccia Bread

A delightful day of Italian Breads

FRIDAY, August 9, 2024

09:00 - 16:00pm

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With a wealth of fabulous ingredients at their finger tips the Italians are renowned for their array of luscious breads.

Arrive at 9am for a traditional Roman Breakfast: Maritozzi and strong coffee. Then it’s off to your workstations to master Carla’s Famous Focaccia, either topped with glistening peppers or perhaps salted anchovies & gorgonzola – the choice is yours. Discover the delights of carta di musica; decipher Napoleon’s favourite bread ‘les petits bâtons de Turin’; and finish the day perfecting ‘slipper shaped’ ciabatta.

Course includes Maritozzi breakfast, coffee & cake and 2-course lunch.