Focaccia Bread

Bread Basics

THURSDAY, February 15, 2024

08:30 - 15:30pm

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Discover the pleasures of breadmaking on this hands-on course

You'll learn how to make a basic loaf before moving on to to focaccia, flatbreads and the perfect baps for bacon and egg butties!

Join us for breakfast where you'll delve into the delights of warm handmade softies before you don your aprons for a full-on bread making extravaganza. We'll cover all the basics: the different types of yeasts, kneading and proving, shaping and finally baking your array of loaves and rolls. We'll relax over a 2-course lunch by 'Papaya' - you'll have earned it!
You'll depart with recipes and a veritable feast of your warm, handmade breads along with a passion to continue your 'bread journey'.