copperplate calligraphy writing in brilliant orange ink

Copperplate with Creative Calligraphy

FRIDAY, September 9, 2022

10:00 - 15:00pm

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The word ‘calligraphy’ comes from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and graphe (writing) and we’re inviting you to learn one of the most beautiful scripts of them all with calligrapher Angela Reed, from Creative Calligraphy. Copperplate is an elegant calligraphy style, written with a dip pen and ink.

In this relaxed and informal session, Angela will introduce you to the art of writing with a pointed nib before taking you through the basic strokes before moving on to letter and word formation. All materials will be provided for you to keep so you can continue your practice at home, while refreshments and a delicious lunch will fuel your creativity throughout the day.

Including morning coffee and cakes and 2-course lunch by ‘Papaya’.