German Breads

TUESDAY, April 16, 2024

09:00 - 15:30pm

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Extend your bread-baking repertoire with German Breads

You'll learn how to make classic German 3 cereal seeded loaf, Dreikornbrot, before moving onto Pretzels; a savoury kugelhupf and finish off with Nusszopf: a decorative & moreish sweet bread.

Roll up your sleeves on this hands-on course and we'll delve into the delights of German Breads. We'll cover all the basics: the different types of yeasts, kneading and proving, shaping and finally baking your array of breads. We'll relax over a 2-course lunch by 'Papaya' - you'll have earned it!
You'll depart with recipes and a veritable feast of your warm, handmade breads along with a passion to continue your 'bread journey'.