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The Virgin Gardener

TUESDAY, June 11, 2024

09:30 - 15:30pm


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Learn how to garden

If you don't know your daffs from your dahlias then this course is for you! Whether you're starting out with a few plant pots, or the proud owner of a new garden and unsure what's a plant or a weed, we'll get you gardening with confidence.

We'll cover basic propagation: getting you sowing some seeds and departing with some plants for free. We'll identify the good 'doers' as we call them: plants which provide colour and interest at different times of the year and which don't require too much attention. We'll learn how to spot some helpful insects in the garden that will do the same jobs as the chemicals claim to, without any nasty side effects. We'll have a very quick look at soil, mainly to get your hands dirty, but also so you'll have a better understanding of what plants will thrive in your garden and save yourself money at the garden centre.

Includes morning coffee & cake and 2 course lunch by 'Papaya'

The Virgin Gardener Course not only met my expectations, but wildly exceeded them. Your whole approach is warm and encouraging … it has given me the confidence to go and try things, not to worry too much about making mistakes.’    Penny