Perfume Course

Natural Perfumery - Michele Riveroll

THURSDAY, July 1, 2021

10:00 - 15:30pm

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Michele Riveroll is an international Perfumer, who for over 15 years created the fragrances for some of the most loved and trusted products in the world. Her love for the natural world and for working therapeutically with people took her to become a Clinical Aromatherapist and to set her independent fragrance studio: Scentica Aroma Studio.

On this hands-on course, you will learn about the magic of working with natural extracts and how to create your own signature fragrance using natural perfumery ingredients.

The course will cover:

· The sense of smell and what it means to us. Re-awakening your sense of smell and training your nose.

· Basics of perfumery: how fragrances are created; how odours are classified and described.

· Practical blending techniques which will take you to create and name your own fragrance.

Includes morning coffee, homemade cake and a 2-course lunch by ‘Papaya’.