Sgraffito on glass workshop, with Vicky Boase

FRIDAY, July 5, 2024

09:30 - 15:30pm

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Sgraffito on glass workshop, with Vicky Boase

Vicky is a local artist working in stained glass. Learn how to design and create your own piece of glass art, focusing on spring flowers, using the sgraffito technique. Vicky will show you the materials, tools and processes involved in permanently decorating glass, then guide you through drawing and executing your own piece.

Some confidence in drawing is desirable for this course.

In the morning we’ll cover a brief history of stained glass, how to prepare the glass, and plan our designs by drawing in negative. The afternoon will be spent bringing your design to life on a prepared piece of glass, using the tools provided and a lightbox.

All the tools and materials you’ll need will be provided.

At the end of the day you’ll have a sketchbook with your ideas and designs to take home, and any photos you take of your progress and final piece. Your work will go home with Vicky to be fired at 1,200C to make the design permanent. It will then be posted back to you within two weeks, ready to hang in your window and enjoy.

You will have worked up an appetite during the morning and we can relax over a lunch prepared by Andy of ‘Papaya’ Catering


This is the perfect gift for anyone crafty.