sourdough loaves freshly baked

Simply Sourdough

FRIDAY, June 16, 2023

09:00 - 16:00pm

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Super Sourdough

Join Lucy and Karen for a journey into baking Sourdough Breads.  Discover the depth of flavours and the increased digestibility of loaves made using one the oldest baking techniques.

We'll demistify the whole process of hydration, bulk fermentation and 'bench rest' and get you differentiating your starters, from your levains, poolish and bigas. Above all, we'll get you going with our 'tried and tested' starters and you'll produce Lucy's Luscious Loaf, along with a long-lasting Danish Rye Bread packed full of grains. You'll learn recipes that use up leftover starter from indulgent chocolate brownies, to poppy seed crackers and scones along the way.

Morning coffee/homemade cake and 2-course lunch will fuel you through the day. You'll depart with loaves made on the day and other sourdough bakes, a full recipe folder and 2 starters.