Thursday 11th February 2021

Candle Making with Bernicia Candles

Upcoming Courses

Perfume Course
Friday 26th February 2021 - Full Day

Natural Perfumery - Michele Riveroll

Create your own signature fragrance using natural perfumery ingredients. Read more

Calligraphy dip nibs
Saturday 27th March 2021 - Half Day

Foundational Hand calligraphy - Angela Reed

Join Angela Reed, from Creative Calligraphy, as she guides you through the process of using a broad-edged pen to form the Foundational alphabet. Read more

Tulip headpiece
Wednesday 28th April 2021 - Full Day

Create a Tulip headpiece - The Northumberland Milliner

Discover the art of millinery with Margaret Woodliff Wright and create a bespoke headpiece. Read more

rembrandt tulip arrangement
Thursday 29th April 2021 - Full Day

Tulip Fever - Sarah Statham

Tulip Fever Floristry - Sarah Statham Read more

Pick and paint
Thursday 6th May 2021 - Half Day

Pick and Paint with KLB Designs

3 natural perfumes made on a perfume and aromatherapy course at Linnels Farm
Thursday 13th May 2021 - Full Day

Natural Perfumery & Aromatherapy

Create your own signature fragrance to support your physical and emotional well-being. Read more

woodland fairy christmas decoration
Wednesday 27th October 2021 - Full Day

Create A Natural Christmas!

Create a Natural Christmas using materials you'll easily find in woods and gardens Read more